FIS 9124 Desigo Life Safety UL Voice

Overview: Learn to install, operate, maintain, test, troubleshoot and wire a Desigo Life Safety Voice system using a 250/500 point panel.  Students will also learn to design, modify, test and otherwise use the Desigo Engineering Tool to design a Desigo Life Safety Voice system.

Participants: Persons responsible for engineering, installing, maintaining or programming a Desigo Life Safety Voice system.


You Will Learn To:

Basic Control Unit

• Identify the standard and optional modules for the FV2025/FV2050/VR2005 panels.

• Explain voice card and system limitations.

• Design voice panel equipment lists based on customer scenarios.

• Draw a basic Desigo voice wiring diagram

Basic System Operations

• Operate the microphone and switch modules of a voice station to test voice system functionality.

• Differentiate how voice channels for a single panel and audio carries for networked voice effect the system.

• Demonstrate LED behavior for voice priority activations on a voice panel.

• Describe how visibility effects a voice station and its switch module behavior.

• Define how access control effects the voice system.

Desigo Fire Safety Configuration Tool

• Use the Desigo Engineering Tool to build customer sites that require voice.

• Design FV2025 and FV2050 systems.

• Use Mass Notification 1 and 2 to trigger mass notification messages.

• Program Internal and External Voice station microphones and switch modules.

• Customize the global system configuration to meet site specific needs.


• Identify the modules that are used for networking panels.

• Understand the default IP configuration of standalone and networked panels.

• Configure visibility for PMI's and Voice Stations.

• Build Desigo life safety networks.

• Correct IP address conflicts.

• Create and commission a voice network.

• Commission and test a network containing VR2005's.

Prerequisites:  Successful completion of the FIS 9104 is required.

Course Length: Four days ending at noon on the last day.

CEUs: 2.7

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