FIS 3113 – System 3 Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Overview: Learn to install, operate, maintain, test, troubleshoot and wire a System 3 conventional fire detection system. Each system module/device will be discussed and its operation analyzed.

Participants: Persons responsible for engineering, installing, maintaining or operating a System 3 Fire Detection System.


You Will Learn To:

Basic Control Unit

• Operate the system.
• Use the test and maintenance menu.

Basic Option Modules

• Install basic option modules.
• Install field devices.

Special Option Modules

• Install special option modules.


• Install the PAD 3.

Workshop Exercises

• Operate, test and troubleshoot the System 3 panel.

Prerequisites:  A working knowledge of fire alarm systems is assumed.

Course Length: Three days ending by 4:30 p.m. on the last day.

CEUs: 2.3

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