FIS 4505 Cerberus DMS Management Station

Overview: Learn to monitor and control a Cerberus PRO or XLS system using the Cerberus DMS Management Station.

Participants: Persons responsible for engineering, installing or maintaining a Cerberus DMS Management Station.


You Will Learn To:

Cerberus DMS

• Define the Cerberus DMS system.
• Navigate through Cerberus DMS.

Database Operations

• Create new XLS and Cerberus PRO networks.
• Import XLS and Cerberus PRO databases.
• Edit network settings.


• Build custom and logical views.
• Apply user access to views.

Event Treatment

• Filter events.
• Treat events.


• Import pictures and AutoCAD drawings.
• Edit graphics.


• Create,edit and delete macros.

• Configure reactions utilizing triggers.

• Apply macros to graphics.


• Create customized reports.

User Administration

• Create user groups.
• Create scopes.
• Apply scopes to user groups.


• Create management station time triggers.

Remote Notification

• Configure Remote Notification (Reno).
• Use scopes with Reno.
• Trigger remote notification events.

System Monitoring and Maintenance

• Perform database backup and restore.
• Identify troubleshooting resources.


• Configure journaling printer and templates.

Operating Procedures

• Configure Assisted Treatment.


• Explain the licensing process.

Prerequisites:  Working knowledge of addressable fire alarm systems and IBM computers is assumed. Students must complete web-based training before attending this class – FIS 450 Cerberus DMS Overview.

Course Length: Five days ending at noon on the last day.

CEUs: 3.4

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