Remote Notification (RENO)

Overview: This course addresses all aspects of the RENO feature in Insight from configuring a system setting to setting up a point for remote notification.

Participants: Building operators and supervisors who configure and operate the RENO feature.


You Will Learn To:

System Requirements

Identify requirements for different remote notification features.

System Settings

Configure all of the system settings for remote notification.

Creating Contacts

Define users and devices.

Create Groups for users and devices.

Escalation Lists

Create an escalation list.

Add devices and groups to escalation lists.


Schedule devices, groups, and escalation lists.

Point Setup

Configure a point for remote notification.


Setup the heartbeat function.

Add devices to the heartbeat.

Course Length: Approximately 30 minutes

Availability: Web-based at

Additional Information: Click here for more information on registering for this online course.

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