Fume Hoods and Laboratory Room Controls

Overview: This module explains the basic components of a fume hood and the operations of the controllers. After you complete this training, you should understand the different readings on the Operator Display Panel and values on different reports.

Participants: Personnel who work or control fume hoods in a laboratory using Insight Automation System controls.


You Will Learn To:

Fume Hood Components

• Identify the hardware components of a Fume Hood.

Operator Display Panel (ODP)

• Interpret the information displayed on the ODP.

Fume Hood Controller

• Describe VAV Fume Hood Controller operations.
• Define face velocity.

Room Control

• Describe volumetric flow tracking of a laboratory room.

Course Length: Approximately 30 minutes

Availability: Web-based at www.siemens.com/esonline.

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