PXC-Modular Field Panel and TX-I/O

Overview: This module explains the operation and features of the PXC-Modular Field Panel.

Participants: Building personnel who work with the PXC-Modular Field Panel.


You Will Learn To:

Physical Layout

• Identify hardware components.

Point Number Ranges

• Describe how to expand the point count of PXC-Modular field panel.

Power Requirements

• Describe the power requirements of the PXC-Modular field panel.

Series Operations

• Identify the available options.

Network Architecture

• Identify the features that the PXC-Modular field panel supports on the system architecture.


• Describe the TX-I/O point modules and their use.

Course Length: Approximately 30 minutes

Availability: Web-based at www.siemens.com/esonline.

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