Insight Basics

Overview: This module includes an introduction to the five most commonly-used Insight applications.

Participants: This interactive training module is recommended for building operators who: (1) are new users of Insight and need basic operator skills to control buildings, (2) are upgrading their version of Insight software, (3) need to refresh basic operator skills on Insight or (4) need to perform operations in a simulated environment. This module is excellent for personnel who are scheduled for an Insight Workstation I (ST 6203) class, but want to begin training as soon as possible.


You Will Learn To:


• Navigate through graphic links.
• Display informational text and alarm messages from a graphic.
• Command points from a graphic.
• Identify types of dynamic information that are displayed on graphic screens.

Alarm Status

• Acknowledge point alarms.
• Add a point memo.
• View the alarm history of a point.

Main Menu

• Start Insight from Windows.
• Find online documentation and help.
• Customize the Insight main menu.

Report Viewer

• Start the Report Viewer application.
• Run a report from Insight.
• Command a point from the Report Viewer.

Panel Point Log Screen

• Run a Panel Point Log Report from the Insight main menu.
• Use a Panel Point Log Report to view point details and status.

Course Length: Approximately 30 minutes

Availability: Web-based at

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