DCC 100 – Introduction to Desigo CC

Overview: This module provides an introduction to the Desigo CC Management Station. Students will learn how the new management station is built on existing Siemens technology to make an easy to use system that is smart, adaptable, open and robust. Students will observe the Desigo CC workflow through a series of video demonstrations showcasing some of the basic applications of Desigo CC.

Participants: Building personnel who need an overview of the Desigo CC Management Station.


You Will Learn To:

Platform Design

• Understand how Desigo CC pulls together multiple disciplines in a full-featured control station.
• Understand how Desigo CC is easy to use, anticipates the user’s needs, is adaptable, open to integration and built on Siemens SCADA platform.


• Understand the workflow of Desigo CC.


• Use basic applications including: Graphics, Reporting, Scheduling, Trending, Video and Event Treatment.

Course Length: Approximately 30 minutes

Availability: Web-based at www.siemens.com/esonline.

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