Insight Reports

Overview: This module explains how to use the Report Builder and Report Viewer applications with the Insight software.

Participants: Insight operators who need to build and view reports that display system information. This module is helpful for building operators who need to refresh their skills with the Report Builder and Report Viewer applications.


You Will Learn To:

Report Builder

• Navigate through the Report Builder application.
• Setup a Report Definition to create a file.
• Configure report header information.
• Configure a Panel Point Log report for points in operator priority.

Report Viewer

• Use the object selector to choose a report to view.
• Run reports.
• Refresh report data.

Course Length: Approximately 30 minutes

Availability: Web-based at

Additional Information: This course includes 2 sections designed to simulate the Insight software. The Practice section provides hands-on interaction for the user to click through the previously demonstrated steps with guided assistance. The Assessment section provides hands-on interaction without guided assistance.  Note: These modules are linear-based software simulators and only provide the ability to complete specific steps performed in the demonstration.

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