MBC-RBC Interactive Technical Manual

Overview: This interactive technical manual provides detailed information for the MBC and RBC field panels for quick reference in the field. Each component of the field panel is broken down into key technical reference sections. Speed up your diagnostics procedures just by navigating to the open processor section and clicking on the corresponding LED to learn the indications of an illuminated LED.

Participants: Building operators with MBC and RBC field panels who perform maintenance and diagnostics.


You Will Learn To:

Enclosure Box

Identify the components of the enclosures.

Internal Components

Identify the internal components with an enclosure.

Open Processors

Identify the processor types, connectors, and LED diagnostics.

Power Modules

Identify the module components, current limiting features, and LED diagnostics.

Point Termination Modules

Identify the PTM types and components with detailed reference for each type.

Availability: Web-based at www.siemens.com/esonline.

Additional Information: This course has no audio. It is designed as a technical reference library for troubleshooting and maintenance in the field. Find reference data on any component within a few mouse clicks.

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