Introduction to Control Programming

Overview: This module explains the basic flow and functionality of the proprietary Siemens control programming language called Powers Process Control Language (PPCL).

Participants: Insight operators and supervisors who need a basic understanding of how a control program works, and how to use the Insight software to create, edit, and save control programs.


You Will Learn To:

Programming Concepts

• Describe how PPCL is used.
• Identify the relationship between a PPCL program and Insight.
• Describe how the PPCL program controls a building's automation system.

Basic PPCL Structure

• List the 5 steps of Mode Programming.
• Identify common PPCL statements.

Navigating Program Editor

• Use key editing tools.
• Compile and save a program.
• Download a program to an Insight field panel.

Panel PPCL Reports

• Create a Panel PPCL Report definition.
• Generate a Panel PPCL Report.
• Interpret common report indicators for troubleshooting.

Course Length: Approximately 30 minutes

Availability: Web-based at

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