Insight 3.10 for New Users

Overview: Learn how to use Insight 3.10 to monitor and control a facility.

Participants: Building personnel who need operating skills with Insight systems.


You Will Learn To:


• Identify the components of a Point Log.
• Run various Point Log reports.


• Command points and return them to system control.

Alarm Management

• Acknowledge and erase alarms.
• View messages for points in alarm.


• Define zones and events.
• Discuss scheduling events and overriding schedules.

Point Group Editor

• Organize points into groups.


• Determine when to trend a point by time and when to trend a point by Change-of-Value (COV).


• Display and navigate dynamic graphics.

Prerequisites:  None

Course Length: 4 – 6 hours

Contact your local Siemens Building Technologies branch for more information.

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