Introduction to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Basics

Overview: Learn basic HVAC concepts and how they apply to buildings.

Participants: Building personnel who need a basic introduction to HVAC concepts as applied to their building.


You Will Learn To:

Thermodynamic Calculations

• Calculate basic CFM/BTU requirements.

Heating and Cooling Systems

• Identify and describe major systems at your site for heating and cooling.

Warm and Cold Air Production and Distribution

• Trace the path of warm and cold air from its source to its final distribution into rooms and other spaces.
• Describe the specific equipment at your site for heating and cooling.
• Describe the type of terminal equipment at your site, if any, for the distribution of warm and cold air.

Room and Building Pressurization

• Discuss why pressurization in an entire building and in specific spaces is important.
• Identify any special-needs area you have, such as: labs, computer rooms, process areas, etc.


• Explain how air is filtered at your facility.

Mechanical Equipment Terminal Equipment

• Identify mechanical and terminal equipment at your facility.

Prerequisites:  None.

Course Length: 4 – 6 hours

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