APOGEE Terminal Equipment Controllers

Overview: Learn how to use APOGEE Terminal Equipment Controllers (TECs) for effective building equipment management.

Participants: Building personnel who need basic operating skills with APOGEE TECs.


You Will Learn To:

Identifying TECs

• Make a sketch of some or all of the Field Level Networks (FLNs) at your facility.

TECs on the FLN

• Explain the purpose of TECs.
• Describe how TECs control building equipment.

Controller Sub-points

• Explain the difference between logical points and sub-points.

Unbundling Sub-points

• Explain why TEC sub-points are unbundled in a network.


• Communicate with a TEC from a room thermostat through a field panel or Insight.

Prerequisites:  None.

Course Length: 4 – 6 hours

Contact your local Siemens Building Technologies branch for more information.

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