ST 9253 – Desigo CC Workstation II

Overview: Learn to use the advanced features of the Desigo CC workstation.

Participants: Advanced users, managers and system administrators who need to create and modify points, graphics and user accounts.


You Will Learn To:

System Database

• Add a web client.
• Add a new workstation client.

• Use the Evaluation Editor.

• Work with the PPCL Editor.

• Create User Defined Views.

User Accounts and Groups

• Create user accounts.
• Create user groups.

Working with Scopes

• Create scopes.
• Modify scopes.

• Assign a Scope to a user group.

Point Operations

• Modify and add points to the system database.
• Access point functions in Desigo CC.

Event Management

• Create notification classes.
• Map points to notification classes.

• Create event enrollment objects.

• Associate a single point to an event enrollment object.

Remote Notification (RENO)

• Populate a Desigo CC Address Book.
• Import recipients into Desigo CC Address book.
• Configure automatic and manual RENO.

• Monitor message status within RENO.

Advanced Graphics

• Utilize Evaluation Editors.
• Import AutoCAD drawings.

• Import Graphics.

• Create Viewpoints.


• Create BACnet schedules objects.
• Create BACnet calendar objects.

• Create BACnet command objects.


• Import and export a program.

• Enable and disable a program.

Database Utilities

• Perform manual and automatic backups of history (SQL Server) and project (Desigo CC).

Prerequisites:  Desigo CC Workstation I (ST 9203).

Course Length: Three days ending by 4:30 pm on the last day.

CEUs: 2.3

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