ST 9203 – Desigo CC Workstation I

Overview: Learn to monitor and control your building automation system using your Desigo CC workstation.

Participants: Building operators, maintenance personnel or others who need skills for day-to-day facility operations with a Desigo CC workstation.


You Will Learn To:


• Launch and Log into Desigo CC.
• Navigate the Desigo CC user interface.
• Explain Desigo CC Pane Interactions and Workflow.
• Locate objects in the system browser.

System Database

• Access Database Points.
• View point information and command points.

Event Management

• Use the Summary Bar to monitor alarms in the system.
• Interact with the Event Details Bar to acknowledge and reset alarms. 
• Employ Fast Treatment and Investigative Treatment to address alarm situations.
• Initiate Remote Notification for alarms.

• Use Microsoft Outlook to reply to Remote Notification.


• Navigate the Graphics Application.
• Utilize dynamic information on a graphic.
• Command system points located on a graphic.


• Describe Trends.
• Create online and offline trends.
• Save Trend View Definitions.

• Open existing Trends.

• Collect offline trend data.


• Evaluate schedules to understand daily modes of operation.
• Apply exceptions to an existing schedule.

Log Viewer

• Use the Log Viewer to find historical data.

• Open existing Log View Definitions.

• Manipulate filters to refine Log Views.

• Save a new log view definition.

• Export a Log View as a Report Template.


• Run and execute reports.
• Modify and save reports.
• Access reports via Windows Explorer.

Prerequisites:  It is strongly recommended that participants have some PC experience in order to receive maximum benefit from the training.

Course Length: Three days ending by 4:30 pm on the last day.

CEUs: 2.3

Additional Information: For experienced operators, we offer a web-based tool to test your knowledge of the information taught in this class.  The tool is available on ES Online.

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