ST 7104 – BACnet Environment for Skilled Insight Users

Overview: Learn to monitor and control your building automation system using your Insight with BACnet workstation.  This class is for buildings that have converted from a P2 protocol to a BACnet protocol.

Participants: It is strongly recommended that students have advanced Insight skills before taking this fast-paced BACnet course. For those with moderate skills or who are new to APOGEE systems, it is recommended they attend the ST 6203 and the ST 7254 classes to receive maximum benefit from the training.


You Will Learn To:

BACnet Overview

• Describe how BACnet stores information in Objects and Priorities.
• Describe how BACnet uses the Who-Is/I-Am and Who-Has/ I-Have services.
• Explain how BACnet services are used to request and write information between devices.

System Architecture

• Identify components of a BACnet network.
• Identify different network technologies used in BACnet.

BACnet Field Panel

• Explain the differences between proprietary and BACnet systems.
• Describe BACnet field panel configuration settings.
• Describe a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD).

System Profile

• Build a BACnet BLN.
• Configure a Siemens BACnet field panel.
• Discuss the BACnet-related functions of the System Profile application.


• Add a BACnet TEC to an MS/TP FLN.
• Discuss the requirements of a BACnet MS/TP FLN.

BACnet Database

• Create BACnet points.
• Set and relinquish BACnet points.
• Configure User Accounts for BACnet accessibility.
• Use the BACnet Object Browser (BOB) to view and modify properties in BACnet devices.

BACnet Alarms

• Define alarm properties for BACnet points.
• Create BACnet alarm messages.
• Build BACnet notification classes.

BACnet Trending

• Trend BACnet points.
• Collect BACnet trend data.

BACnet Scheduling

• Explain BACnet Calendars and Schedules.
• Create BACnet Command Objects.
• Build BACnet schedules using BACnet calendars and command objects.

Prerequisites:  Insight Workstation I (ST 6203).

Course Length: Four days ending at noon on the fourth day.

CEUs: 2.7

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