ST 7503 – BACnet Field Panel and MS/TP FLN Operations

Overview: Learn to monitor and control your building automation system from BACnet field panels and MS/TP programmable terminal equipment controllers.

Participants: System users who need to control and monitor building control systems from BACnet field panels and MS/TP programmable terminal equipment controllers.


You Will Learn To:


• Identify the Automation Level Network (ALN) / Building Level Network (BLN) BACnet components and the MS/TP Field Level Network (FLN) components.

Datamate Advanced

• Perform database backup and restoration for BACnet ALN/BLN and MS/TP FLN devices.

• Communicate with BACnet ALN/BLN and MS/TP FLN devices.

Point Operations

• Use Point Monitor, Point Log and Subpoint Log to display point information.

• Command points at the ALN/BLN and FLN levels.

• Utilize PXM10S Operator Interface to monitor and command points.

FLN Device Applications

• Analyze the sequence of operation for Variable Air Volume, Constant Air Volume, Heat Pump, Fan Coil, Chilled Beam and Unit Ventilator applications.

FLN Device Operations

• Command and monitor subpoints at PTEC and BACnet field panels.

• Display FLN device information at the BACnet field panel.

• Use Datamate Advanced to command and release subpoints.

• Run reports from Datamate Advanced to view subpoints.

PTEC Communication

• Identify and describe the function of and interaction between the different memory types in PTECs.

• Identify the three types of subpoints in PTECs.

Automation Level/ Building Level

• Describe networking requirements for BACnet field panels.

Power Meters/Point Pickup Module

• Configure a MD Series Power on a FLN.

• Configure a Point Pickup Modules on a FLN and monitor a PPM subpoint.

Prerequisites:  It is strongly recommended that participants have some PC experience in order to receive maximum benefit from the training.

Course Length: Three days ending at 4:30 pm on the last day.

CEUs: 2.3

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