ST 7454 - BACnet Field Panel Web Server

Overview: Learn to edit BACnet Field Panel databases through the Launch Pad software.

Participants: Users who use Launch Pad to interface with the BACnet Field Panels that have the Web Server feature enabled.


You Will Learn To:

Distributed Digital Controls (DDC)

Describe how Distributed Digital Control (DDC) affects building operations.

Describe the four basic types of points.

Identify point types used for different components.

BACnet Field Panel Web Server

Describe the functionality and compatibility of the BACnet Field Panel Web Server.

Identify the required hardware that supports BACnet Web Server.

Describe the BACnet Field Panel Launch Pad Applications.

User Interface Applications

Navigate through Siemens Launch Pad.

Utilize the Status Bar User Interface.

Utilize the Navigation Pane User Interface.

Utilize the Device/Points Icons and Messages.

Status Bar

Logon and logoff of FPWeb Server.

Run Alarm Reports from the Alarm Bar.

Export, save and print an alarm report.

Acknowledge point alarms.

Setup alarm colors, font and language.

Notification Classes

Create, modify, view and delete a notification class object.

Assign a recipient to a notification class object.

Point Editor

Describe point addressing for the PXC Compact, PXC Modular, TX I/O point expansion modules and the Island Bus of the PXC Compact.

• Describe the various point attributes of the various point types.

Modify an existing point in the current database.

Create the various point types in an existing database.

Make point alarmable and associate points to Notification Classes.

Point Commander

Command a point to a new value.

Disable and re-enable a point (Out of Service).

Use the point Command Priority Array.

Utilize Dynamic Trending.

Point Log Report

Describe the Point Log Report Application.

Utilize the User Interface of the Point Log Report Application.

Create a Point Log Report.

Utilize filters for a Point Log Report.

Schedule/Command Object and Calendar View

Define the terms associated with BACnet equipment scheduling.

Create a BACnet Calendar Object.

Create a BACnet Command Object.

Create a BACnet Schedule Object.

Add a BACnet Calendar Object to the BACnet Schedule Object.


Describe the Trend Application.

Utilize the Trend Application.

View Trended data of a single and multiple trended point.

Print a Trend Graph using the user interface.

Customize a Trend graph.

PPCL Editor

Describe the PPCL features associated with Siemens Launch Pad FBWeb UI.

Describe the PPCL Editor and demonstrate its use.

Define syntax styles for use in the PPCL Editor.

Describe how to compile and debug a program.

Describe how to use the Assist feature to enter PPCL commands.

System Configuration

View the Panel Configuration Editor application.

View the ALN Node Table Editor application.

Change the Field Panel / ALN network time.

Utilize the FLN Device Editor to view and add FLN devices to the network.

View and edit TEC Initial Values attached to a field panel.

View, backup and restore field panels and FLN devices.

Create and edit ALN user accounts.

Change a user account password.

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: Four days ending at noon on the fourth day.

CEUs: 2.7

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