ST 9003 – Advanced Insight for Master Operators

Overview: This class is intended for experience Insight users who have achieved recognition by Siemens Industry, Inc. as a Master Operator. Participants will utilize a range of Siemens products to learn how to access and implement operating and troubleshooting strategies not presented during the standard training path.

Participants: System users who need additional skills operating and maintaining the system.


You Will Learn To:


• Discuss the various sensors in a control system including their functions and how they work.

• Discuss and perform sensor installation and configuration in the HVAC system.

BACnet Scheduling

• Describe and implement BACnet scheduling.

BACnet Alarming

• Describe and setup BACnet Alarming for BACnet points.

BACnet Trending

• Describe trending fundamentals and setup trending for BACnet points.

Desigo CC

• Describe and explore the next generation of operator workstations.

DXR (Desigo Room Controller)

• Describe DXR operations for HVAC and Total Room Automation for HVAC, lighting and shades (TRA).


• Use the PXM10S Operator Display to interface with the field panel.

Terminal Emulation

• Use Telnet to connect to and communicate with the Field Panel.

Field Panel Web User Interface

• Describe and use the BACnet Field Panel Web User Interface.

Troubleshooting the System

• Discuss the various features and applications within Insight to understand the information that can be used to help troubleshoot problems with equipment, networks or software.

• Discuss the fundamentals of troubleshooting with an emphasis on common problems encountered in typical automation systems.

Practical Troubleshooting Applications

• Use the techniques discussed to troubleshoot and fix issues with both the hardware and software.

Prerequisites:  To receive the Master Operator status, student must take ST 6203, ST 6254 and ST 6504 or ST 6909 or ST 6203, ST 7254 and ST 7503 or ST 7909.

Course Length: Three days ending at 4:30 pm on the third day.

CEUs: 2.3

Additional Information: The above topics are a general guideline of what will be covered in the class. This course will be updated each offering based on the latest information from subject matter experts and direct feedback from our Master Operators.

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