ST 6603 – Advanced Graphics

Overview: Learn to develop and modify cliparts, air handler and chiller backgrounds and incorporate the Enhanced Graphic Options (EGO) features into new or existing graphics.

Participants: Advanced users needing to update or modify existing Insight Graphics to include newer style cliparts, equipment backgrounds, charts, realistic gauges and thermometers.


You Will Learn:

Micrografx Designer

• Modify a user profile in Micrografx Desginer.

• Create a template in Micrografx Designer.

• Use Micrografx Designer to create a background graphic.

• Use Micrografx Designer to create and edit clipart files.

• Utilize existing clipart files in a background.

Navigator Library

• Access the Navigator Library.

• Use the Navigator Library Application Browser.

• Decipher the acronyms listed in the Application Browser.

• Send the selected background to Micrografx Designer for modifications.

• Add or remove Version 2 clipart files to a background.

• Insert the background into Insight Graphics.

Insight Graphics

• Use the Graphics features of Insight to create dynamic graphics.

• Insert dynamic point information in its various forms.

• Create a logical series of links between dynamic graphics.

• Insert Animations on to a background graphic.

• Create a Point Information Block Group graphic.

Enhanced Graphic Options (EGO)

• Create Enhanced Graphics Objects (Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Thermometers, Angular Gauges).

• Add the various Enhanced Graphics Object types to an Insight Graphic.

• Modify the appearance of an Enhanced Graphic Object.

• Make the Enhanced Graphic Object commandable.

Modify an Existing Graphic

• Import an existing graphic from a customer site.

• Incorporate changes to an existing graphic.

Prerequisites:  Insight Workstation I (ST 6203) or BACnet Environment for Skilled Insight Users (ST 7104).

Course Length: Three days ending at 4:30 pm on the third day.

CEUs: 2.3

Additional Information: Students need to bring an existing graphic with them to class.  The graphic will be used during the class.

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