ST 6254 – Insight Workstation II without BACnet

Overview: Learn to use the advanced features of the Insight workstation.

Participants: Advanced users, managers and Insight system administrators who need to create and modify points, graphics, user accounts and zones and events.


You Will Learn To:

System Architecture

• Describe the networks used in Insight communication.
• Use System Profile to edit the system architecture.


• Create and modify points.
• Copy existing points using Attribute Duplicator.
• Put points into trend.

User Accounts

• Create Insight and ALN/BLN user accounts.
• Assign privilege levels to user accounts.
• Add objects to Access Groups.

Enhanced Alarming

• Explain the use of Enhanced Alarm Management.
• Define destinations and alarm messages.
• Modify a point to use Enhanced Alarming.


• Use Micrografx Designer to create background graphics.
• Use the Graphics application of Insight to create dynamic graphics.
• Create a logical series of links between dynamic graphics.

Event Builder

• Create a new Zone.
• Create a new Event.
• Describe Start/Stop Time Optimization (SSTO).

Program Editor

• Describe features of Program Editor.
• Import and save a program.
• Describe key features of a program.
• Generate reports used in troubleshooting programs.


• Describe how Scheduler works.
• Explain how Scheduler ties zones, events and programs together 
  to automate building controls systems.

Database Utilities

• Backup and restore the system database.
• Use the Database Transfer Application.
• Utilize the System Activity Log to track system activity.

Prerequisites:  Insight Workstation I (ST 6203) or BACnet Environment for Skilled Insight Users (ST 7104)

Course Length: Four days ending at noon on the fourth day.

CEUs: 2.7

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