ST 6304 – PPCL Programming I

Overview: Learn to interpret and troubleshoot existing Powers Process Control Language (PPCL) programs from your Insight workstation.

Participants: Advanced users who need skills to interpret, modify and troubleshoot existing programs.


You Will Learn To:

PPCL Syntax

• Describe the functions of the various programming statements.
• Use PPCL rules and guidelines.
• Use the five-step problem-solving process to write PPCL programs.

Program Planning
and Flowcharts

• Create flowcharts for new and existing programs.

Program Editor

• Describe and use the features of the Program Editor.
• Use various navigational tools in Program Editor.


• Use Report Builder to test and troubleshoot programs.

Point Control

• Use conditional and emergency control statements.
• Write a control LOOP to modulate equipment.
• Use a TABLE statement to reset values.
• Use a dead band for cycling equipment on and off.

FLN Devices

• Write PPCL code to command FLN devices.

Prerequisites:  Insight Workstation I (ST 6203) or Accelerated Insight Master Operator Program (ST 6909) or BACnet Environment for Skilled Insight Users (ST 7104) or Accelerated Insight with BACnet Master Operator Program (ST 7909).

Course Length: Four days ending at noon on the fourth day.

CEUs: 2.7

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