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Data Centers

The revolution of data centers is now. The 8 million data centers that exist worldwide today will transform as information and communication technologies evolve and digital demand dominate worldwide markets. Organizations will increasingly turn to the Cloud, managed services, colocation and other hybrid approaches to test new business models, launch new offerings and connect more with their customers. By 2018, mega datacenters will play host to 70% of all service provider data center construction projects.

Luckily, an integrated data center management approach can help you address the movements by optimizing facility and IT processes end-to-end.

With an integrated data center management suite (IDCMS), you can benefit from the automation and control of cross-discipline processes to drastically reduce human errors and complexity.

IDCMS is a holistic management approach for reliable and efficient IT and facility data center operation. It offers full transparency into entire facility infrastructures, enabling a solid decision-making basis to provide operational and efficiency improvements.


  • Reliable and efficient operation

  • Overall cost reduction and risk mitigation

  • Easy to use and expand over time and functionality

  • Available, safe and secure infrastructure

  • Fast and better decision making due to transparent, personalized dashboards

Through a lifecycle strategy and the right tools, you can ensure your data center has the right amount of efficiency to eliminate unplanned downtime, and increase cost savings and reliability.

Take an integrated approach to data center management. Learn more about IDCMS by clicking on the interactive elements in the graphic below.

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Data center stakes remain high with key industry needs around maximum uptime, highest efficiency, and full scalability. Learn how you can meet your needs today while positioning yourself to grow and address tomorrow’s challenges with through our comprehensive portfolio of data center solutions and services.

Green Data Center Solutions


Building Automation

Fire Protection

Siemens takes a holistic approach to Green Data Centers.  Our solutions include a comprehensive set of programs geared to improve visibility of energy usage, reduce energy costs, and maintain optimal operations over the lifecycle of your facility.  We can deploy a wide range of energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions across Green Data Centers, including alternative energy, building & energy management, integrated power, heat pumps, and cooling solutions

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Delivering information to the right people at the right time is critical to your success. Siemens has the expertise and tools to provide visibility into your data center with our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, Datacenter Clarity LC™.

Using DCIM with dynamic, real-time information, administrators can tell how the data center operations are configured, what resources are assigned, and how resource consumption changes to make better decisions. This solution can help lower overall data center costs, increase application availability, and improve operating efficiency.

 Video: Datacenter Clarity Animation Press Release: Siemens Launches Datacenter Clarity LC V2.2 DCIM Solution Press Release: Siemens Puts Big Stake in Data Center Market with Revolutionary New DCIM Product Siemens Datacenter Clarity LC Siemens Datacenter Clarity LC Brochure Data Center Lifecycle and Energy Efficiency White Paper

Siemens is a global leader in building automation solutions and sustainable products that optimize building performance around the world. Click here to discover what our products, like APOGEE, Desigo CC, and Gamma Lighting, can do for your data center.

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Siemens understands the specific requirements data centers have in terms of fire prevention, detection, response, and recovery. Data centers often present serious challenges in terms of high air velocity, complex air patterns, and high incidences of combustible materials and potential ignition sources. Heavy power loads or a defective piece of equipment can quickly lead to a short circuit or overheating with major repercussions.

With Siemens, you have a complete suite of fire-focused monitoring and data center command and control solutions that meet the highest safety standards. We integrate early warning fire detection, evacuation, and suppression systems into a single safety solution with centralized supervision and alarm handling. Our use of clean agent suppression protects your data from fire and smoke damage without harming your sensitive electronic equipment

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Proven Outcome Services

Dependable Power

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You can protect your data center operations and assets at all levels, from the perimeter to the rack, with Siemens integrated security solutions. Due to the sensitive, 24/7 nature of data centers, access control for secure zones is of paramount importance. We offer flexible yet secure access control from smart cards to biometric access featuring iris, vein, or facial recognition for high security areas.

We can ensure that only the right people gain access to key areas at all times. Siemens integrated security solutions for data center operations include:

1. Intelligent video surveillance systems                       5.Video surveillance with visual / recorded remote monitoring
2. Integrated command and control                               6. Access control systems
3. Perimeter protection systems                                    7. Intrusion detection and alarms
4. Surveillance and monitoring systems                        8. Server access point security

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You have goals and Siemens helps ensure you meet them. With our Proven Outcomes service philosophy, your objectives become the cornerstone of a tailored service program for your data center. You can trust our services to deliver the outcomes you require – maximizing reliability and uptime, increasing energy efficiency, and extending equipment lifecycles.

Our services provide the flexibility to tailor a service package that best meets your data center optimization needs. Choose from a portfolio of more than 100 equipment-related services in six building categories.

 Data Center Mechanical Services Service Solutions Services for Data Centers Presentation: Electrical Services for Data Centers Brochure: Electrical Services for Data Centers Proven Outcomes for Data Centers

Your data center power distribution systems must be designed for high reliability, flexibility, and maximum efficiency. Siemens medium- and low-voltage data center solutions have been specifically designed to meet these demanding requirements. We offer tailored, “right-sized,” and consistent end-to-end power distribution solutions.

Siemens data center solutions provide maximum survivability and are designed to comply with the most stringent safety and efficiency standards. Our data center solutions can help you measure and monitor data center power usage at strategic points so you can predict and prevent problems, improve energy efficiency, and ensure you have reliable access to the power you need. In addition, you can rely on our electrical field service personnel and data center operations support staff to respond 24/7.

 High Density Power Distribution for Data Centers Power Monitoring for Data Center Application Data Center Power Distribution Solutions Best Practices for Making Switchgear Safer Busway for Data Centers Medium-voltage, Arc-resistant, Air-insulated Switchgear Type GM-SG-AR Medium-voltage, Air-insulated Switchgear Type GM-SG Medium-voltage, Arc-resistant, Gas-insulated Switchgear up to 38 kV

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