Understanding the Impact of Energy Star Programs for Data Centers

Data Centers have been in the spotlight as a huge and ever-increasing user of energy.  While data center growth continues to expand to meet constantly-rising Internet user demand for search, social media, and mobile applications, the energy efficiency of Data Centers also needs to continue to improve. 

Data Center efficiency improvements have already been driven in many cases by the simple economics of lowering operating costs or for gaining competitive marketing advantage.  However, not everyone is aware of the details and the potential impact of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program that was specifically created for Data Center facilities and key IT components.

Join us for the first of a series of free webinars on the Energy Star for Data Centers Program, as well as recommendations and best practices on improving and maintaining overall energy efficiency.  

You will learn:

  1. Requirements, status, and important details of the various Energy Star programs that can impact data center infrastructure design and operation
  1. How to maximize the opportunity to improve energy efficiency in new builds
  1. Elements that should be considered for upgrade and retrofit opportunities

Julius Neudorfer