Optimizing Energy Efficiency without Sacrificing Reliability in Data Centers

James Coe of Syska Hennessy and John Diamond of DAS Associates will examine approaches that data center owners and operators can use to improve energy efficiency in their data centers, without sacrificing reliability or availability. In a 60-minute presentation sponsored by Siemens, these experts plan to cover topics such as medium voltage distribution, high-efficiency UPS technology, evaporative cooling, retrocommissioning, and more.


James Coe is Syska’s Critical Facilities Director. He has over 26 years of experience in Engineering Operations, Project Management, and Design. His experience is focused on providing consulting, design, reliability assessments, and commissioning for Mission Critical Facilities. He has performed services for numerous clients including AT&T, Duke Energy, Verizon Wireless, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, General Electric, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the US Navy. James’ extensive experience, as well as his ability to facilitate communication and coordination, is vital to maintaining uptime and reliability for our clients.

John Diamond is responsible for the exploration of strategic business ventures in energy management, the facilitation of corporate benchmarking programs within technology facilities and critical facility operations and management.Mr. Diamond co-founded DAS Associates in 2009 focusing his efforts on new business ventures in Mission Critical environments, utilizing his experience to perform failure analysis, technology site optimization, site selection and migration, construction project engineering, testing and commissioning and site reliability.Mr. Diamond’s experience includes work with DLB Associates, the firm that designed and constructed all of Google owned data centers worldwide. In his tenure with DLB, John provided guidance on transitioning the construction projects from the construction phase to the operational phase.