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A Vibrant, Growing, and Sustainable Community

Siemens is the world market leader for safe, reliable, and energy-efficient buildings and infrastructures.  As a service provider, system integrator, and product manufacturer, our solutions, services, and expertise include a totally-integrated portfolio that allows us to help optimize building automation, fire safety and security systems, HVAC, air quality, power distribution and management, and energy efficiency for all buildings.

As a true full-service ESCO, Siemens provides our customers with the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end energy solutions – from energy reduction to production and procurement – enabling cities to best achieve all energy and water goals while positively impacting the economy and environment.

Siemens extensive expertise in guaranteed performance-based solutions, combined with our scalable, proven portfolio, allows us to most efficiently and effectively meet the needs of all communities, including small-, medium-, and large-sized cites.

Our city-wide solutions include:

  • Alternative and renewable energy

  • Water cycle improvements

  • Traffic lights and street lighting retrofits

  • Intelligent parking systems

  • Landfill gas to energy

  • Green buildings

We can work with cities to identify solutions that help make existing resources more efficient while identifying financing and structuring performance guarantees that help you remain a viable, sustainable community.

Western Tidewater Regional Jail Case Study

Reducing energy consumption at state-funded and municipal buildings has been, and remains to be, an important initiative for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

• Learn how the misuse of energy and water usage by prisoners resulted  in reduced energy costs as well as promote a safer, more secure facility 
• Discover how boilers running at 75% to 100% now run more efficiently and dramatically impact energy, maintenance, and repair costs

> Download the case study

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