Local Government

A Vibrant, Growing, and Sustainable Community

Your Buildings, Your Infrastructure – For Today and Tomorrow

Today’s local government leaders know that strong communities are built on fiscal responsibility, attracting stable business partners, and providing responsive services that satisfy and retain residents. In challenging economic times, balancing the short-term needs of your citizens with the long-term operational, energy, and infrastructure requirements of your city will give your community an advantage; one that will benefit all of your constituents in local business, public facilities, and private homes alike.

Long-term urban planning that incorporates sustainable practices will help build a lasting, environmentally-responsible community. In fact, communities that have incorporated renewable energy solutions, sustainable infrastructure upgrades, and green building projects have been shown to have enhanced property values, improved community health, increased business/employee productivity, and good community relations.

Siemens smart, efficient, and sustainable solutions for local governmentswill help you balance your immediate challenges with long-term goals through civic infrastructure planning, fiscal responsibility, and thoughtful project management.

Our city-wide solutions include:

  • Alternative and renewable energy

  • Water cycle improvements

  • Traffic lights and street lighting retrofits

  • Intelligent parking systems

  • Landfill gas to energy

  • Green buildings

We can work together to identify solutions that will help make your existing resources more efficient while identifying financing and structuring performance guarantees that help you remain a viable, sustainable community.

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